As part of the exhibition Tania Bruguera: Talking to Power / Hablándole al Poder, on view at YBCA June 16–October 29, 2017, the statement marquee was first activated with phrases chosen by students of Bruguera’s Escuela de Arte Util (School of Useful Art), which convened in YBCA’s galleries. Escuela de Arte Útil was an updated version of Bruguera’s earlier long-term pedagogical project Cátedra Arte de Conducta. At YBCA, Bruguera conceived a new curriculum for this project using the concept of arte útil (useful art) to address the challenges facing artists by collectively examining a group of art projects and methodologies that may constitute a parallel art history. Students enrolled at collaborating academic institutions received credit toward their undergraduate and graduate education degrees, and participated in the YBCA Fellows program.

With permission from the artist, YBCA continues to activate the marquee with timely and responsive messages generated from artists and community partners (like you!) once a month. Each message is timely, responsive, and provocative. You can find all of our marquee messages @ybca.

Third Street Courtyard, YBCA