It’s a phrase most artists and fans of performance have likely uttered at some point: “Sorry I missed your show!” In the series, you can experience past performances you may have missed, through archival media and live conversation.

In this program, watch a recording of the 2019 experimental dance work Tonic created by Kathleen Hermesdorf and Albert Mathias. In Hermesdorf’s words, Tonic “explores physical and sonic alchemy as ways to heal internally and externally, from tongue to gut to blood, from subtle to full frontal to phoenix, from personal to public domains.”

The recorded presentation will be followed by a panel conversation featuring Albert Mathias and others who worked closely with Hermesdorf, facilitated by Hannah Wasielewski. The discussion will offer reflections on Tonic, the influence of Hermesdorf’s experimental approach to dance, and her founding of Fresh Festival.

Sorry I Missed Your Show is presented as part of both KH Fresh Festival and BAN9 Dance, which is curated by BAN9 curatorial council member José Ome Navarrete Mazatl.