YBCA presents a brand new commission by Los Angeles-based artist Samara Golden.

Known for creating dreamlike, uncanny, and immersive environments, Golden attempts to stage the sixth dimension–a place where the future, present, and past exist simultaneously. Golden’s installations use mirrors, video, sound, and handmade sculptures to create a hypnotic, hallucinatory space that draws the viewer in completely. This exhibition is Golden’s largest installation to date and will take over a substantial gallery at YBCA.

Golden says her installations “gesture toward materializing the impossible” through a shared experience between artist and audience. Combining multiple individual scenes into one cinematic space, from a suburban bedroom to crashing waves to an infinitely reflecting country restaurant, her installations have a hue and tenor that summon a conflicting range of feelings. Psychologically stirring and complex, Golden’s monumental installations stage a transformative encounter with a vast unknown.