Create some art inspired by the artists of Bay Area Now 9 in this series of eight stand-alone, drop-in art workshops for participants of all ages, led by YBCA Teaching Artist ChiChai Mateo. Art materials will be provided, and participants will be able to take their artwork home as a souvenir. Each workshop will feature a different artist highlighted in the BAN9 exhibition at YBCA, and explore each artist’s practice and unique art-making method.

On December 6, 2023, create a Bangka (boat) using supplies like tissue paper, construction paper and markers, to develop a 3D collage. This workshop is inspired by BAN9 artist Champoy’s Buwaya Sa Yelamu /ᜊᜓᜏᜌᜐᜌᜒᜎᜋᜓ ( or Padayon Ug Bugsay: An Offering ), a shifting installation.


Grand Lobby, YBCA
Free with registration