Create some art inspired by the artists of Bay Area Now 9 in this series of eight stand-alone, drop-in art workshops for participants of all ages, led by YBCA Teaching Artist ChiChai Mateo. Art materials will be provided, and participants will be able to take their artwork home as a souvenir. Each workshop will feature a different artist highlighted in the BAN9 exhibition at YBCA, and explore each artist’s practice and unique art-making method.

On January 24, 2024, we will find inspiration from our own homes—is it the design from our favorite plate? A flannel a loved one always wears? A certain flower that grows in our neighborhood? We will create our own symbolism to design our own patterned stamps for printmaking artwork. This workshop is inspired by BAN9 artist Golbanou Moghaddas, who uses symbolism from her Iranian culture that gives her a sense of enlightenment and unity.


Grand Lobby, YBCA
Free with registration