Parangal and SOMA Pilipinas present Paglinang. Paglinang is a Tagalog term that refers to “cultivation” and “development:” a reflection of our ongoing research and engagement with Filipino Indigenous Communities, as well as our efforts in building relationships; nurturing communities, culture bearers, artists, and leaders; and growing alongside them all.

Co-organized/choreographed by our talented and innovative team of in-house choreographers, the program will incorporate storytelling through chants, songs, movements, and live music to highlight (via inspiration or direct incorporation) the rich cultural traditions of Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines: Tarog Ati of the Visayas, Tausug and Yakan of Sulu Archipelago, and Tboli and Maguindanaon of Mindanao.

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Blue Shield of California Theater

Matinee: $25–35
Evening: $35–45