A visionary craftsman, sculptor, and engineer, Nick Dong finds beauty in the unknowable. In the exhibition Nick Dong: 11 to 88, he invites visitors into a distinctive world of levitating symbols, illuminated rooms, and cyclical transformations.

Blending scientific precision with artisanal craftsmanship, Dong’s mesmerizing objects and installations find their roots in his upbringing as a Taiwanese-American, steeped in the traditions and history of Buddhism. Transcending visual aesthetics, he aims to provoke spiritual awakening and introspection. Dong’s work explores the intersection of spirituality and the tangible world, evident in his interplay of light and sound.

In 11 to 88, Dong shares the first 11 works of his forthcoming ambitious project Auspicious 88. This exhibition offers a glimpse into his larger vision, which will culminate in 2028 with 88 interconnected art pieces arranged to guide viewers through a cyclical and immersive journey.

The artist invites visitors to remove or cover their shoes before entering the exhibition. Free fabric shoe covers will be provided for those who wish to wear them.


Galleries, YBCA

Open Wed–Sun, 11 AM–5 PM

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