Let Her Sing: A Celebration of Female Voices

Presented by Diaspora Arts Connection   |  

September 10, 2022, 7 PM

Ten talented female vocalists will once again grace the stage of Diaspora Arts Connection’s Let Her Sing®: A Celebration of Female Voices in a magnificent display of talent and solidarity on Saturday, September 10 in San Francisco. The sixth annual production will be co-presented with the Artistic Freedom Initiative. The artists will come together for a unique and diverse showcase of different artistic styles and genres. Let Her Sing is an event dedicated to fostering support and raising awareness for the female voice, banned and suppressed in parts of the world even today. This years lineup features (in alphabetical order): The Faraualla Vocal Quartet, Golazin (Gola), Mahya Hamedi, Tamar Ilana, Meghan Kabir, Misagh Moradi, Niaz Nawab, Gelareh Sheibani, and Mehrnam Rastegari will also perform at Let Her Sing 2022.

We are proud to welcome back our amazing Musical Director Erwin Khachikian and our stellar house band featuring (in alphabetical order) Yahya Alkhansa (drums), Narges Jajarmi (piano), Asaf Ophir (wind instruments), Hani Padidar (percussion), Niloufar Shiri (kamancheh), Safa Shokrai (bass) and Mohamad Talani (guitar). Once again Navid Ghaem Maghami is our Artistic Director and Naima Shalhoub will be our Master of Ceremonies again.

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Blue Shield of California Theater

Tickets: $45-100

This event is a collaboration of Diaspora Arts Connection (DAC) & Artistic Freedom Initiative. Diaspora Arts Connection is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the San Francisco Bay Area community through nurturing artists of diaspora. Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI) facilitates pro bono immigration representation and resettlement assistance for international artists who are persecuted or censored.