“As a choreographer, Garrido blends traditional aspects of flamenco — the rapid-fire footwork, the expressive curvature of the arms and extended fingers, with a sense of modern movement more akin to Martha Graham.” – San Francisco Voice

FLAMENCO INTIMO – Intimo is a Flamenco suite created by Siudy Garrido, award-winning composer and guitarist Jose Luis De la Paz, and flutist Juan “Parrilla.” Featuring acclaimed choreography work and flamenco solos by the dance company and Siudy Garrido, it explores a range of colors and emotions of traditional flamenco styles such as Guajiras, Seguirillas, Alegrias, and Solea, in Garrido’s unique contemporary vision of Flamenco dance. Siudy Garrido is known for her collaborations with Farruquito, Antonio Canales, Gustavo Dudamel, and the Los Angeles Philharmonics.

Artists: Siudy Garrido
Flute: Juan Parrilla
Guitar: José Luis de La Paz
Percussion: Adolfo Herrera
Cante (Singers): Ismael Fernandez, David el Galli, and Manuel Gago
Company Dancers: Daniela Rosi, Andrea Gonzalez, Carolina Melcon, Anabella Amanau, and Oriana Torres.

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Tickets: $55-95