Board Chair, Renuka Kher announces Sara Fenske Bahat will continue to steward YBCA as CEO

Last March, in the midst of a leadership transition when former YBCA board chair Sara Fenske Bahat became interim CEO and Renuka Kher stepped into the board chair role, YBCA committed to a year of care to engage in the work of running the organization from a position of “care for ourselves, our staff and our partners.”

In the time since that process began, two things have become clear: where the care is needed and that care can’t be rushed. For this reason, the YBCA board of directors has asked Bahat to extend her time stewarding YBCA as CEO.

“We are grateful to have Sara’s expert guidance as YBCA navigates this transitional period,” said Renuka Kher, Board Chair. “Her knowledge, generosity, and leadership have been deeply valuable as YBCA enters a new chapter of transformational growth, ready to meet and adapt to the challenges, needs, and opportunities the future will hold.”

“When I first came through the doors of YBCA as a fellow, I was relieved to find the most diverse, provocative, fun room of people I’ve found anywhere in San Francisco. I’ve grown so much by being a member of this community,” said Bahat. “In a moment that calls for radical levels of hope and repair, YBCA invites people to connect to and be changed by one another. I’m honored to serve YBCA and our broader community as we undertake this profound and important work.”

This decision reaffirms YBCA’s commitment to building systems attuned to evolving community needs in the years ahead. This stability of the organization will allow YBCA to continue presenting impactful programming, exhibitions, performances, and to further invest in artist initiatives as it heads into its 30th anniversary year in 2023 as an anchor of the cultural community in San Francisco.

“YBCA has a long history of pushing the boundaries of how creative practice can create change,” said Kher. “We will continue to be an innovative home for the region’s creatives, supporting their capacity to thrive, while also fulfilling our obligations to this community. I’d like to offer my deepest gratitude to the communities we serve, and our dedicated staff, as we continue the deep and meaningful work ahead.”