Willis Ho Kit Wang joined the Hong Kong social movement nine years ago, first protesting the high speed railway, then as part of the labor strike and the land movement. She was the Deputy Secretary of Hong Kong Federation of Students in 2012-2013. She was one of 13 activists arrested in 2014 as part of the Hong Kong land justice movement, and in 2017 was convicted and sentenced to jail for 13 months. Three months later, the Court of Appeals overturned the sentence and she was released. After graduating, she has worked as a journalist focused on investigative stories about minorities and the importance of hearing and understanding the marginalized. Her work spans multiple media forms, primarily video and writing. Her current project, Fight for Freedom: White Nights is a documentary series about different groups in the anti-extradition movement, including the elderly and the valiant protestors, and how they resist the dark days of Hong Kong democracy.