Violeta Luna is a San Francisco-based performance artist. Her works reflect and inquire upon the relationship between theatre, performance art, and community engagement. Working in a multidisciplinary space that allows for the crossing of aesthetic and conceptual borders, Luna uses her body as a territory to question and comment on social and political phenomena. She has performed and taught workshops in the U.S. and abroad, in places ranging from the Bay Area to most of Latin America, as well as in countries including Rwanda, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and more. Luna’s work has also been featured in several books, such as Performing Ground: Space, Camouflage and the Art of Blending In and Freak Performances: Dissidence in Latin America Theater. Her collaborations include work with the Bay Area-based immigrant women’s rights organizations, as well as the performances collectives La Pocha Nostra and Secos & Mojados.