Tracy Ren is a visual artist, writer, and curator based in Oakland, CA. Though they work primarily in sculpture, their practice is multidisciplinary and ever expanding. To date, their thinking has taken shape through drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and installation, often in various combinations with one another. Craft traditions, the culture, wisdom, and magic of their ancestry, and the poetics of materials, structures, and space all converge in their attempt to bridge the physical to the spiritual.

Ren received their BFA in Ceramics from California College of the Arts in 2018. They have since shown work in galleries across the Bay Area, including Jessica Silverman Gallery, Berkeley Art Center, Cone Shape Top, Dream Farm Commons, Pt. 2 Gallery, Graduate Theological Union, and CTRL+SHFT, among others. They have participated in numerous residencies around the country, and have been invited to give talks at Creative Growth, Mills College, and UC Berkeley.