Tonilyn A. Sideco (they/he) is a proud booty-shaking genderqueer love warrior born and raised in San Francisco’s Sunset District. Sideco is a writer, director, and educator for both stage and film. Sideco studied Sociology and Women’s Studies at UCLA and earned a MFA in Theater & Film. With 20 years experience as a counselor and creative healing educator working with queer youth and elders, Sideco focuses on amplifying the voices of queer people of color through song, stage and narrative film as a tool for social change. Co-host of First Person PBS, a show about queer community and resilience, Sideco also writes for and teaches queer history with the PBS Learning digital platform. They currently create with Granny Cart Gangstas, an all-Asian women and nonbinary sketch comedy troupe and Bindlestiff Studio. Their most recent project, Little Sky, which they co-produced and assistant directed, will stream on HBO Max beginning September 27, 2021.