Susan Horowitz is an artist and curator based in New York and L.A. (BA-City University-NY and MFA-Otis College of Art + Design-L.A.). Her photo-text-video projects explore modernist architecture, urbanization, global tourism and international conservation. Perspective-The White City about Tel Aviv’s White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its 1930’s modernist architecture related to the Bauhaus diaspora, led to the project SOME SHULMAN ARCHITECTURE. It tracks the career of noted 1930’s Israeli architect Ben-Ami Shulman who had emigrated to L.A. in 1960 producing work that revealed an ironic facet in the history of L.A. midcentury architecture. Her current project, Case Studies – Architourism, traverses modern versions of cultural travel, the web of architectural histories, the ramifications of tourism on sites and now the implications for the future of these pursuits in light of Covid-19.