LO joined Bindlestiff Studio in 2018 and has been involved with many in-house productions such as Geek Show, FOB Show, Brown Out Collective, Aklasan Fest, Stories High, Love Edition and Chasing Papeles. In association with Rise Above It Productions, LO explored foley and voice acting in Radio Basa’s Corpse Honey. Pivoting to online theater to raise funds for artist relief, LO co-produced Bindle-Zoomsilog, Okay Ba Tayo, Forbidden Future(s), and nu nu: an attempted renaissance. Yo Mama Is So Filipino joke competition and the Bindle-Laugh Jam shows were imperative to keep creativity and spirits high, Yo Mama will return as part of TNT’s M.A.S.S. festival during FAHM October 2021. LO also performed with ShadowLight Productions and will collaborate in an upcoming shadowplay in August 2022.