Ka’lonji Lee (She/her) is a Black and Trans activist originally from Dallas, TX and is currently living in Sacramento, CA. While graduating as a pre-med student with her B.A. in Biology, she discovered the Vogue/Ballroom community. While being in the Ballroom scene she not only started to find herself, she found her persona ONYX Moschino Escada! Her name, ONYX, like the gemstone, is a reminder to go Onward and Never Yield. Since her debut, she has been doing her name justice! It’s been two years since she’s taken the ballroom scene by storm. Now she’s a DJ in the Iconic House of Escada, and the West Coast Mother of the Kiki House of Moschino. Through these entities, she was able to play with gender expression and find her true self. It has now been one year since her drag debut in San Francisco, and now she’s here to shake some tables and make you gag!