Garrett + Moulton Productions is a San Francisco based performing arts organization that combines movement, music and visual art into compelling and thought-provoking works of dance theater co-directed by award-winning choreographers Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton. The company produces an annual home performance season and offers an array of performance and educational programs in San Francisco, throughout the US, and abroad. Since beginning their collaborative relationship in 2008, Garrett and Moulton have created eight evening length works that explore the joys, sorrows, dilemmas and complexities of human experience. With a goal of fostering community through creativity, their productions have engaged large casts of performers, incorporating up to 32 dancers and musicians, and their work has received both popular and critical acclaim. Honors include a 2010 Isadora Duncan Dance Award (“Izzie”) for “Best Company Performance” for “The Illustrated Book of Invisible Stories,” three 2011 Izzie nominations for “The Experience of Flight in Dreams” and recognition by the San Francisco Chronicle for “StringWreck” (2008) and “The Luminous Edge” (2014) as among the “Top 10 Dance Performances of the Year.”