Doris Yen, a member of the Creativity Explored studio since 1999, focuses her attention on the natural world and its inhabitants; whether real, historical, or imaginary, her portraits include selective details that reveal as much about the artist as her subject. Often isolated in the frame, and positioned against a solid background, these pieces combine a naturalist’s eye for detail with an artist’s sense of composition. The subtle delicacy of watercolor suits Yen’s exacting style.

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, Yen began to draw and paint anatomical hearts over 12 years ago, leading her to explore different aspects of human anatomy. The resulting abstract, medical drawings emphasize Yen’s line quality and drawing, as well as her delicate painting with ink and watercolors.

Yen sometimes draws from medical and dental diagrams, while her line work is reminiscent of Chinese calligraphy. Her enthusiasm and identification with printmaking led her to Chinatown where she had a personalized signature stamp made, which is often applied to the corner of each completed piece.