Raised on Gospel on her mama’s knee in north Texas, Dizzy Miss Lizzy was exposed to the syncopated rhythms and raw vocals of the rhythm and blues in Black Baptist churches. Taking “have love will travel” to heart, she’s spent the past decade spinning her love for 45s in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin… and beyond! Her obsession with insistent backbeats began early: In 2005 while in college, she lead back-up vocals for Boston-based band The East Coast Whatsies, a garage punk outfit that amped up the soul hits of the ’60s and ’70s with three-chord chaos. In 2009, In partnership with DJ Jessica Milley, she co-founded EXILE, a short-lived but raucous rock ‘n’ roll and blues night that paired live local acts with the vinyl tracks that inspired them. Now based in San Francisco, the Black Rhythm Happening!!! co-founder fills her record box with singles that toe the line between deep and heavy rhythm and blues tracks and soul floor fillers that pay homage to her music motto: All Vinyl, All Primal. In her musical cosmos, Sugar Pie DeSanto is the mother, the daughter, and the holy ghost. All Hail The Queen.