Daniel García Andújar, born in 1966 in Almoradi, Spain, is a media artist, activist, and art theorist. He works under the banner of Technologies to the People (TTTP), exploring virtuality, authenticity, copyright, sponsorship, media, and power as new technology and the access to it spreads across the globe. Some prominent projects are x-devian by knoppix, an open-source operating system presented as part of the Individual Citizen Republic Project: The System project (2003); The Body Research Machine, an interactive machine that scanned the body’s DNA strands, processing them for scientific experiments (1997); and the Street Access Machine (1996), a machine allowing those begging in the street to access digital money. Andújar’s exhibitions include Honor. Postcaptial Archive (1989-2001), Galerìa Visor, Valencia (2010); Subversive Parktiken, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart (2009); Postcapital (Mauer), Museum of Modern Art, Bremen (2009); The Wonderful World of irrational.org: Tools, Techniques, and Events 1996-2006, Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine (Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina), Novi Sad, Serbia (2008); Unrecorded, Akbank Sanat, Istanbul (2008); and Postcapital, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona (2006).