After spending thirty-five years in Southern India, Ashwini Bhat now lives and works in the foothills of Sonoma Mountain, CA. Coming from a background in literature and classical Indian dance, Bhat uses ceramic sculptures, installations, video, and text to develop a unique visual language exploring the intersections between body and nature, self and other. In her practice, she draws from her upbringing in a rural agrarian community. Her work shows the influence of syncretic shrines and rituals and non-logocentric and non-Western metaphysical concepts of empathy for the non-human. Bhat sees her work, in part, as an act of mapping and remapping consciousness, contributing to a spiritual or psychological archive, with an emphasis on the transformative aspects of place. Bhat is a 2023 United States Artists fellow, and is represented by Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.