Other Minds Festival 24 – Pitch Perfect

Jun 15 2019 — Jun 16 2019
Every year, Other Minds holds a Festival of new music, curated by Artistic Director Charles Amirkhanian, around an idea, theme, or group of composers.

Known for featuring stellar guest performers, a significant number of world premieres, commissions, and productions that incorporate new technologies and multidisciplinary collaborations, the Other Minds Festival brings together composers representing all points of the musical spectrum and pushing the creative boundaries of their respective genres.

Other Minds Festival 24 will include the first ever American retrospective of the works of Ivan Wyschnegradsky and a newly composed work by the California based composer Brain Baumbusch. Single-minded and visionary composers are so often the ones most easily ignored by the changing currents of music taste. Ivan Wyschnegradsky (1893-1979) led a life characterized by exile and cultural exclusion; he was never part of any school, and the individuality of his work reflects his personal and lifelong determination to honor his deeply idiosyncratic muse. He was a founding father of microtonal composition and theory, yet he was at heart an expressionist, a spiritual descendant of Scriabin. Throughout his long life he sought audiences for his music but never compromised his artistic principles to gain the public ear. A mystical belief in the value of his work sustained him through these decades of neglect, affording his music surety and conviction.