In partnership with the Global Climate Action Summit, YBCA offers free admission to its current exhibition Bay Area Now 8 as a part of “Green Thursday.” BAN8 Selected Artist Hyphae Design Laboratory will welcome visitors to our Third Street Courtyard with a full demonstration of their installation PProphets.

PProphets is created on the basis that the artistic platform provides a uniquely effective inroad to addressing the social and ecological taboos of sanitation and the body. It aims to provide a whimsical, hopeful, optimistic and function art piece that is relevant beyond itself and the Global Climate Action Summit.

Participants will be able to engage with the work and demonstrate how it functions, from collection and analysis, to fertilizer extraction, energy production, water recovery, data inference, and finally, bottling.

Following the activation, participants are invited to engage with the artists around water consumption and conservation, city sanitation, and how new forms of architecture and design can address some of the most basic issues cities struggle with on a daily basis.

Hyphae Design Laboratory

Hyphae Design Laboratory is a multidisciplinary practice focused on innovation in our built environment. Through collaboration, design thinking, applied ecology and social change, we discover, research and implement novel projects.

Hyphae works with companies, agencies, urban planners, architects, public health specialists and academic researchers to reimagine our built environment and improve the health and diversity of our cities and their dominant megafuana, humans. We tackle the challenges they cause and come by, with mollusks, microbes, microprocessors and multi-stakeholder thinking.

Hyphae bridges the gap between art, engineering, and academic research, working at the microbial, building, urban and system scales.

We hope to facilitate linkages between disparate disciplines, embodying a metaphorical role inspired by hyphal networks…and Oakland our home.


Bay Area Now 8 is made possible in part by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Rena G. Bransten, Carla and David Crane, Shannon Jackson and Michael Korcuska, Meridee Moore and Kevin King, and Jessica Silverman Gallery.

YBCA Programs are made possible in part by The James Irvine Foundation, with additional funding by National Endowment for the Arts, Grosvenor, and Members of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is grateful to the City of San Francisco for its ongoing support.