Join us for Free Third Thursdays at YBCA for Beyond Bloodlines: Queerness, Kin, Family + Magic Hour film screening and Q&A with filmmaker Johanna Breiding.

Film historian Irwin Swirnoff and Bay Area Now 8 visual artist Marcela Pardo Ariza host an evening of collective exploration into what queer family and kin can be, featuring a compilation of film, visual art, performance, music interviews, and more.

Kickoff the evening with the launch of submissions for Swirnoff and Ariza’s upcoming zine focused on stories of family, in all of its pain & glory. Ariza then joins fellow BAN8 artist Andrew Wilson in conversation in the galleries, and we end the night with a special screening and Q&A of the film Magic Hour with filmmaker Johanna Breiding.

Enjoy free gallery admission, specialty cocktails and DJ Brown Amy spinning all night long.

6PM: Zine submission launch with Irwin Swirnoff and Marcela Pardo Ariza
6:30PM: 3 questions with 2 Artists: in the gallery with BAN8 artists Marcela Pardo Ariza and Andrew Wilson
7PM: Magic Hour screening
7:30PM: Q&A with Johanna Breiding

About the Upcoming Zine
A call to all in the LGBTQ+ community – submit your stories on queerness & family to our upcoming zine.  Whether it’s about the family you have created, found, were born into, we want your stories, prose, drawings, lists, etc. Edited by Marcela Pardo Ariza & Irwin Swirnoff for YBCA.

Deadline for entries is December 20th, 2018. Please send your submissions to

About Magic Hour
Drawing distinction between that which is distant and within reach, the horizon line serves as an orientational tool that locates one at home. It determines space by assuming a linear perspective and a single, stable spectator, defining notions of time, place, and the subject. Extending a line from the metaphor of the horizon to the idea (and ideal) of family, Magic Hour explores the way in which family serves as a locator, as the primary introduction to community, and an orienting device that shapes one’s relationship to gender, race, class, and intimacy. Magic Hour turns toward the notion of queer family-making to examine various constructions of family, as well as the desires, needs, and ideologies that influence family-making and relationships. Through formal connections, disruption and repetitive acts, the project aims to destabilize the notion of family as a reachable end, skewing the centrality of this ideal through rearticulation and refusal. Magic Hour is about sharing stories and active listening, about remembering and imagining. It was made possible through the participation and generosity of Dean Spade, Calvin B., taisha paggett, Julie Tolentino, Don Romesburg, Asha Romesburg, Rachel Carns, Darius Morrison and Samuel White.


About Marcela Pardo Ariza
Marcela Pardo Ariza (b. Bogotá, Colombia) is a visual artist and curator based in San Francisco, CA. Ariza is the recipient of the Tosa Studio Award 2017, a Murphy & Cadogan Contemporary Art Award and a finalist for the 2017 San Francisco Artist Award. Ariza received an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) in 2016 and she is the Community Engagement Program Associate at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and a current member of the Curatorial Council at Southern Exposure.

In her visual practice, Ariza explores the relationship of representation, kinship and queerness through constructed photographs, color sets and installations. Through staging varied subjects and anthropomorphic objects, Ariza deploys sets as a resource to the possibility of (re)building a story, using them as tools to visualize potential yet attainable narratives fundamental to envisioning present and future prospects.

About Irwin Swirnoff
Irwin Swirnoff (b. Phoenix 1977, lives in the Bay Area) teaches in the cinematic arts department at Cal State University, Monterey Bay as well as the Media Studies dept of the University of San Francisco.

Using film, photography, creative writing, and his background in zine & d.i.y. culture, he creates intimate work with a queer sensibility, exploring intimacy, longing, loss, desire, physicality, sexuality, and the constant struggle to remain in the here and now. Irwin curates the monthly queer film series my gaze///yr gaze and his radio show Sleeves on Hearts has aired for over twenty years.


About Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson is a multimedia artist working at the intersections of the consumption of the Black body and queerness. His work is at once beautiful, with an attention to craftsmanship, and repulsing in its graphic subject matter.

About DJ Brown Amy
DJ Brown Amy is part is part of the Hard French lineup. Hard French is an outdoor daytime soul music dance party that sets out to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, and do up the dance party experience. Their crew consists of producer Devon Devine, art directors Jorge P. and Tim T., and DJs Brown Amy and Carnita. The event brings a fresh perspective to the SF party scene – focusing on a genuine experience through creativity, magic and the value of dancing your heart out to your favorite song.

About Johanna Breiding
Johanna Breiding is a photographer, video and installation artist that intersects analog and digital technologies to archive queer narratives and underrepresented voices. Through collaboration, social realism and poetics Breiding depicts the importance of historical events, political movement and experiential pathos. She attended Scripps College, the Glasgow School of Art and received her Masters from CalArts, where she worked very closely with mentor Allan Sekula. She has exhibited work at art venues and museums including Photo LA, LAXART, Human Resources Los Angeles, Ochi Projects, Elga Wimmer Gallery, the Armory Center for the Arts, Southern Exposure, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and the Oakland Museum of California. She is a recipient of the 2017 Rema Hort Mann Emerging Artist Grant, a 2011 DAAD Artist Grant and has attended numerous residencies including Summer Forum (2015) and Shandaken, Storm King Art Center (2018). Johanna Breiding currently lives and works in Los Angeles where she has been teaching at CalArts, Cal State Fullerton and Scripps College over the recent years.



Magic Hour Participants: Dean Spade, Calvin B., taisha paggett, Julie Tolentino, Don Romesburg, Asha Romesburg, Rachel Carns, Darius Morrison and Samuel White.

Magic Hour Editors: Sit Weng San, Cody Edison and Darius Morrison

Photo credit: Marcela Pardo Ariza, Kin I, 2018