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Artcycle TX is a project run by VET, a Dallas-based artist who makes art out of discarded objects. Artcycle’s mission is to promote creative art expression while encouraging environmental responsibility through recycling. This virtual club provides a centralized venue to barter or trade surplus art-related goods in need of upcycling.

CultureBank Questions

Where – in what community – do you primarily do your work?

My primary studio is located at Goldmark Cultural Center, 13999 Goldmark Drive, Suite 146, Dallas, TX 75240. Over the past 15 years, I have travelled throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex hosting workshops and sponsoring give-away events at community centers, libraries, schools and festivals where others can learn and be inspired to think about the environment when they are making art, as well as, in their daily lives. The online community provide assess participate to the Artcycle Club TX store, gallery and calendar of events at

What gets you going each day and inspires your current work?

I get to practice several art forms shaped around found objects. This eco-spirited recycling allows me to explore possibilities combining drawing, painting, weaving, and assemblage. I use found objects that have been discarded by natural and humans. It is a motivating challenge to balance the practical with the aesthetics of recycled objects. These objects often dictate the texture and shaping during assemblage.

When you work in your community, what are the most valuable assets of the community that you experience aside from real estate and money?

Community support and participation is the most valuable asset when they bring items no longer used that may include wrapping paper, note cards, construction paper, wood chips, maps,  pens, markers, glass jars, CDs, floppy disks, plastic tops, microfiche, seeds, fabric, notions, beads, yarn to recycle or donate to school teachers and artists.  My on-line platform also provides a venue of resources for participant to network, barter, and exchange while supporting the arts.

How does your artistic practice inform and/or is integrated into your enterprise?

I incorporate environmental recycling awareness through my artwork, commissions, and workshops by introducing alternative application of found objects.  This allows me an opportunity to share innovative ways to re-think, re-purpose, and re-design discarded items. 

“It is a motivating challenge to balance the practical with the aesthetics of recycled objects.”

What is the impact of your work on your community? Today? Over a long period of time?

I have always been naturally curious about the beauty of our environment. Preserving the planet did not start with me and will continue long after I am gone. If I can inspire others to be more mindful in reducing waste, particularly through the arts, then my efforts will continue to grow. One of my favorite projects was The Melba Street Chain Link Project (in Oak Cliff) that involved a 200 ft woven chain link fence that incorporated construction supplies and found objects around a construction site. We had a strong core of volunteers that worked tirelessly to complete the project. The surrounding community was very supportive by offering food, water, words of encouragement and posting photos online. This now travels to other work-sites under construction.

The Nitty Gritty

When was your organization or project founded?

My first organized effort started in 2005 with my Found Objects Studio.

What is your staffing situation like?

Just me. I periodically hire tech support, assistants and transportation.

What is your annual budget?

$20,000 – Over the next 6 months, I plan to develop a centralized platform for Artcycle TX  which allows participants to engage in recycling of art related found objects and discarded items through barter, exchange or purchases on-line, as well as, one community FREE 4 ALL (give-away) Event. 

With a projected budget of $20,000, I will invest in upgraded website services, marketing software, contract one temporary assistance to help sort and catalog items and schedule regular posts via website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media outlets to increase on-line presence. 

How does your revenue break down?

The revenue I receive is 100% from my individual grants.

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