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Community Engagement
Valen-Tiny Idea Night

A Big Idea Night Production

February 12, 2011
Grand Lobby
Upstairs Galleries


What do you get when you cross the bacchanalian mayhem of a Big Idea Night with the awkward-but-compelling intimacy of a first date? Why, Valen-tiny Idea Night, of course! Hop into bed with RADAR Productions’ Michelle Tea and YBCA’s Director of Community Engagement Joël Tan as they team-curate a night of mingling, mating, and music — not necessarily in that order.

Lovers, those all-female synth-driven 'entrancing spell-casters' from Portland (Boston Phoenix)
Dorian Wood, composer and performer of 'mercurial pop that demands and deserves attention' (WNYC Culture)
• DJ Primo Pitino, lovable overlord of Mission District nightlife (Oldies Night, 2 Men Will Move You)

• Experience a site-specific performance by local choreographic innovators Jess Curtis/Gravity!
• Folk troubadour Dave End and interdisciplinary artist Dax Tran-Caffee take over YBCA’s elevators for a series of mobile installations!
• Hamilton Morris, 'psychedelic explorer [and] maestro of all things mind-altering,' will regale the throngs with a presentation on the pharmacology of love!

Art and activities!
• Play Infatuated, an interactive cell phone game of amour played in and around YBCA. You can meet up, make out, break up, and make up all in one night, but only if you can solve the mysteries of love in the 21st century. Infatuated is playable by both couples and singles, and is inclusive to all orientations. Designed by the wily geniuses at Situate.
• Get your grub on with the San Francisco Food Adventure Club! SFFAC members will be bringing a smorgasbord of (un)earthly aphrodisiacal delights to temp or taunt your tastebuds and set your pheromones aflame!
• Mug for the camera! Photographer and Editor-in-Chief of Original Plumbing Amos Mac will be the evening’s resident shutterbug. Check out your pics on YBCA’s Facebook page following the event!

And of course…
Check out our three new gallery exhibits upstairs! The work of Jennie C. Jones, Lauren Dicioccio, and Middle Eastern video art compiled by ASPECT will be on view until late!

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  • Valen-Tiny Idea Night: A Big Idea Night Production
    Feb 12, 2011 8:30pm – 11:30pm
    Grand Lobby
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Artist Bio

Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions:
Michelle Tea's writing has appeared in Best Music Writing, Best American Non-Required Reading, and the Rumpus Women anthologies. She is the author of four memoirs, a collection of poetry and the novel Rose of No Man's Land. She blogs regularly about fashion at She is founder and Executive Director of the literary performance non–profit RADAR Productions.
RADAR productions brings provocative literary performance to the Bay Area and beyond with the monthly RADAR performance series; and the international, queer-centric Sister Spit performance tours. With their annual Radar LAB writers' retreat in Akumal, Mexico, they provide writers with the space and discipline to work towards completing a book or show-length work. Their Eli Coppola Memorial Chapbook Prize honors poetry and the chapbook by publishing the winning manuscript in collaboration with a chapbook press.

Lovers (celebrated lyricist Berk, synth-programmer and performance artist Kerby Ferris, sequencer and percussionist Emily Kingan) craft an intimate portrait of female friendship, sexuality, and evolution as an infinite process. The three first encountered in 2002 after Berk’s near-fatal van explosion while on tour with an earlier incarnation of the band. Emily Kingan, then on tour with classic Portland feminist hardcore band The Haggard, invited Berk to join the bill. Ferris was their roadie. Years later, Kingan organized a meeting for her two friends and future band-mates in South America, where Berk was travelling and Ferris was living at the time, performing in various experimental electronic projects in São Paulo’s thriving music scene. The result was sisterly love at second site, and prophetic premonitions of the creative collaborations to come. Says Berk about Lovers presently: 'We are like sisters. We are sisters.'
Dark Light, recorded at Portland’s beloved Type Foundry studio with Badman label owner Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Thao Nguyen & Portland Cello Project, Starfucker) is the first for Berk, Ferris and Kingan together. Says Portland’s Willamette Week, the new record marks 'a change in Lovers philosophy that takes the band from being a singer-songwriter’s outlet to a full-on synth-driven pop group, and it does so masterfully.' The result is an expansive sonic landscape of colorful wonder and hope, and an interactive and engaging performance that strives to leave audiences inspired.
'Carolyn Berk’s songs are full of breathless melancholy and a sinking, infinite sadness. In them you hear hints of the circus-fuineral magic-realist run-on folk song of Neutral Milk Hotel, the dreamy twilight grandeur of Mazzy Star, Bright Eyes’ last-gasp soliloquies, and the ghost-haunted majesty of Magnetic Fields’ loneliest highways. But I’ll be damned if Berk isn’t a more entrancing spell-caster that any of them.' – The Boston Phoenix

Dorian Wood:
Los Angeles-based singer/artist Dorian Wood is 'armed with a vocal charisma that would befit a preacher and an experimental streak that would make avant-gardists swoon' (WNYC Culture). He has held audiences captive for years on street corners, in concert halls and performance spaces throughout the US, Mexico and Europe, both as a soloist and as a member of the 30-piece experimental orchestra, Killsonic. Dorian received critical praise for his performance and 'picture perfect' art direction (Los Angeles Times) in the Killsonic opera, Tongues Bloody Tongues, presented at the REDCAT in Los Angeles. Dorian's latest album, Brutus, was recorded live at St. Giles-in-the-Fields in London, during his spring 2010 European tour. He is currently working on a new studio album, entitled Rattle Rattle, which is due for release later this year.

DJ Primo Pitino:
One of San Francisco's most beloved DJs, Primo is the mastermind behind such mega-successful events as Oldies Night (1st and 3rd Fridays at The Knockout) and 2 Men Will Move You (2nd Saturdays at Amnesia). Celebrated for his encyclopedic collection of 1960s girl group records and Motown 45s, he also captivates crowds with his indie, italo disco, house, and new wave selections.

Hamilton Morris:
Hamilton Morris is a young writer, chemist and filmmaker. He is a wizard of pharmacology, a psychedelic explorer, a maestro of all things mind-altering. You may know Hamilton from his column in Vice, Hamilton's Pharmacopia, where he writes about rare drugs and their effects to a fanatical degree. He is also the man behind the VBS documentary series of the same name. In his most recent doc, NZAMBI, Hamilton travels to Port-au-Prince to investigate the strange phenomenon of the Haitian zombie; the film follows his quest to procure the secret formula for the potion used in Vodou zombification rituals. (Karley Sciortino, Interview Magazine)

SF Food Adventure Club:
Here's a top-secret peek into the inner workings of this secret society...
1. Rotating leadership
a. At the first adventure, we’ll pick the next adventure leader and so on and so on.
b. When you are leading/planning the adventure, please alert the members of the date, time and location to where they should report, what they should bring (money, certain clothing, medications, etc.) and how much time they should plan for.
c. Adventure leaders will provide the patch, button, or some insignia for the membership’s FAC sash at the adventure.
2. No Spectators
a. All members present at an event are required to participate and this will be accomplished by public shaming, peer pressure and empty threats of expulsion.
i. For example, if you decide to participate in the adventure dining on Lebanese omelets of eggs and brains, the group will pressure you to participate if you start to chicken out.
ii. For another example, if we are as a group eating an insect that is making some of members queasy, the sake of the group comes before the interests of the individual.
b. Food Adventure Club is not a safe space. Your boundaries will not be respected.
3. Members are encouraged to wear the FAC sash to FAC events including all their buttons and patches.
4. Adventures should be balanced to achieve harmony between difficult and benign adventures.
a. For example, simpler, gentler Adventures that have an emphasis on cohesion-building (ie canning fruits, visiting a beehive) should follow gross, controversial, or destructive activities (ie eating roast guinea pig, live octopus, or human placenta.)
SF Food Adventure Club

Dave End:
Dave End, the acoustic D.I.Y. troubador writes queer cupcake loving honesty pop and focuses on the details that rhyme. In the past 2 years, Dave End has released 2 albums (How to Hold Your Own Hand, Fruits Commonly Mistaken For Vegetables), toured 4,500 miles in a veggie diesel car, made a lot of stuffed animals, designed costumes for and danced with Kimya Dawson Performances, and written a 100 page thesis about supermarkets.

Dax Tran–Caffee:
Since 2007 Dax Tran-Caffee has been making puppet shows that generally involve crashing paper maché birds into pianos or deconstructing cardboard pirate ships as if they were jigsaw puzzles. In 2010 he wrote, built and directed 'the Museum Proper' for the SubZERO Festival, wherein a 12-foot-tall monster with steak knives for teeth was disemboweled by a museum curator and dragged through the streets of San Jose. He is a founding member of the Corpus Callosum music & performance ensemble, who were recipients of an unsolicited grant from the Belle Foundation for Cultural Development in 2009. He holds a BFA in painting from the California College of Arts & Crafts, an MFA in Performance Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been a member of the Blair Thomas & Co. chamber puppet theater in Chicago.

Amos Mac:
Amos Mac is an artist who photographs the dynamic, the artistic, the gender rebellious, the under-represented and beyond though voyeuristic, styled portraits. Preferring to shoot models in their personal spaces rather than in a studio, his photos have been described as 'bright, saturated images of people and places who look fucked up and beautiful in equal measure' (SFMoma Blog).
He has shown his work in galleries and at events internationally and his photographs have been published widely and used in ad campaigns, bringing gender variant individuals visibility. In 2009 he formed Original Plumbing, the quarterly magazine on trans male culture, and brought his photographs on the first European tour of Sister Spit: The Next Generation. Most recently Amos Mac's written or photographic work can be found in collaboration with Italian Vogue, Manner Magazin (Germany), CANDY (Spain), McSweeney's, and others.

Situate presents Infatuated:
Situate presents Infatuated, an interactive cell phone game of amour played in and around YBCA. You can meet up, make out, break up, and make up all in one night, but only if you can solve the mysteries of love in the 21st century. Infatuated is playable by both couples and singles, and is inclusive to all orientations.